About Mae’s

Mae’s opened it doors in September 1992 (the High School being established later on September 8, 1997), with a commitment to providing quality play, nursery, primary, and secondary education. To date, this has been achieved.

Mayfield Rodrigues, proprietor and administrator, brought to bear a genuine love for children, the ability to attract a corps of dedicated and extremely competent teachers, and the drive and management skill to ensure the institution’s progress and development.

Our Motto ‘For Excellence We Aspire, For Excellence We Strive‘ admirably describes the effort of management, staff and students.  Mae’s Schools provides tremendous challenges for those involved in the shaping of its future. The purpose of its existence is to make available to its charges, the best and widest curriculum, superior tuition, and the care and environment necessary for learning.

We are committed to providing the best level of education we can for your child. We place emphasis on the attainment of excellence at each and every level of the school, and value your trust in us, as you place your child’s education in our hands. We aim at producing a well disciplined person,  a worthy citizen of the world.