What are requirements for entry into the different schools?

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Certificate
  • Two (2) passport-sized photographs

Primary School

Prior to enrollment, prospective students are subject to a written assessment covering topics in Mathematics and English.

Secondary School

Prior to enrollment, prospective students are subject to a written assessment. For entrance at the Form 1 level, there is a minimum National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) score to be achieved, dependent upon the overall national score average

What is the age of admission at the various levels?

Play School

Lower Play School: 2 years by December
Upper Play School: 2 years, 6-9 months by December

Nursery School

Lower Nursery: 3 years, 6-9 months by December
Upper Nursery: 4 years, 6-9 months by December

What is class size and teacher/student ratio?

Lower Play School: 10 students
Upper Play School: 12 students
Nursery: 20 students
Primary: 25 students
Secondary: 25 students

Is the school accredited by the Ministry of Education?


Does the school complete CSEC and SBAs?


Does the school have a 6th Form level?


Is Religious Education taught at this institution?

No. Mae’s Schools adopts a non-denominational approach to education, which is reflected in our diverse student population and staff.

When are Fees due for the various terms?

Christmas Term (Sept-Dec) – Due Jul 31st

Easter Term (Jan-Apr) – Due Nov 30th

August Term (Apr-Jul) – Due Mar 31st

What time does school dismiss for the various levels?

Play School


Nursery School


Primary School

- Grades 1&2


- Grades 3&4


- Grade 5


- Grade 6


Secondary School


What is the procedure for uplifting a child/children during the instructional period?

A parent/guardian is required to be physically present at the school to explain the reason for departure, at which point a pass will be issued by the specific department.

What is the procedure for meeting with a teacher?

The parent should call the secretary in the particular department, who will then confer with the teacher and set up a time to meet.

Do you offer Aftercare services?

After-care services are offered for Play and Nursery School students. Please contact us for more information.

If a teacher leaves how soon do you get a replacement?

While we hate to see qualified teachers leave, we understand that some actions taken are unavoidable. We strive to ensure that we replace teachers as soon as possible, without compromising on experience and overall fit with the Mae’s institution.

Is corporal punishment allowed?

Absolutely not. Mae’s Schools believes there are other ways to enforce discipline within the institution.

Are birthday parties and sharing of party bags allowed?

Christmas parties are only allowed at the Playgroup and Nursery Levels. Further, at these levels, for birthdays, parents are allowed to provide a cupcake and juice box. At no other levels are Christmas parties/ party bags allowed.

Play /Nursery Schools

Do children have to be potty trained?

Yes for Upper Playgroup and Nursery, no for Lower Playgroup.

Will my child/ children be able to read upon completion of his/ her Nursery education?

Yes. As a matter of fact, students are able to read on a limited basis by the time they finish Lower Nursery.