For Students

School Rules

  1. Students must be obedient at all times. Rudeness in words and actions will not be tolerated.
  2. No indecent language is allowed at anytime.
  3. Absence will be reported in writing by parents or guardian.
  4. All pupils must be in school by 8:30 am. Regularity and punctuality are required at all times.
  5. Only school uniform must be worn during school hours. Jewelry is not permitted.
  6. No unusual hairstyle is permitted.
  7. All personal property must be clearly marked.
  8. Silence must be observed at major activities such as Assembly, Registration and dismissal.
  9. Care must be taken of school furniture. Sitting on desks and rocking on chairs are not allowed. Marking on the furniture or walls is strictly forbidden.
  10. The right hand side of the stairway must be used at all times.
  11. Permission must be sought to leave the classroom and school compound.
  12. Parents must ensure that homework is done regularly. Homework can be in written form or by way of revision.
  13. Purchases from vendors at or outside the gate are not permitted.
  14. Students are expected to participate in all school activities. In cases where illness precludes a child from participation, a medical certificate should be produced.
  15. Absolutely no littering or any form of environmental pollution will be tolerated.
  16. Generally, students are expected to be considerate of others, polite, respectful to adults and others in authority and to demonstrate at all times societal norms of good order, decency, self-discipline, pride and dignity.
  17. Students are not permitted to bring cellular phones to or use these devices at school.

School Facilities

  1. Computer Lab
  2. Library
  3. Play Field

School Activties


  1. Table Tennis
  2. Karate
  3. Dance
  4. Pee Wee Football
  5. Cub Scouts
  6. Access to Music and Lawn Tennis Programmes


  1. Scrabble Club
  2. Drama/Debate Club
  3. Science Club
  4. Tour Club
  5. Senior Football
  6. Cricket Club
  7. Table Tennis
  8. Access to Music and Lawn Tennis Programmes