Play School


At the Play School level, students are introduced to the school environment, where they are able to establish early socialization skills with their peers.

Students benefit from a clean and sanitary work/play environment. They enjoy field time up to three days a week, educational tours around Georgetown, as well as extracurricular activities such as kite flying in the park, sports day, and Mash Tramp (Mae’s Mash Parade).


Age Requirement

Lower Play School: 2 years by December
Upper Play School: 2 years, 6-9 months by December


If you are interested in having your child attend Mae’s Play School, kindly complete the following form to submit your child’s name to our application list.  We will follow-up with you when we start the admissions process.

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Prior to enrollment, parents and prospective students are required to participate in an interview.

For enrollment, the following is required:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Certificate
  • Two (2) passport-sized photographs

School Information

Class Size

Lower Play School: 10 students
Upper Play School: 12 students

Class Hours



Girls: Pastel green, blue, yellow and pink dresses with a white sash tied at the back.

Boys: Pastel green, blue and yellow shirts with khaki pants.

Pupils are required to wear black footwear with white socks.

Games wear: White t-shirt with school’s logo, green short pants  and white sneakers.

Uniforms  are available for purchase from the school.

Supply Lists

Lower Playgroup

  1. Jumbo Crayola Crayons1 box
  2. Crayola Paste1 bottle
  3. Crayola Paint1 box
  4. 4 lbs sized brown paper bags10
  5. White paper plates1 pack
  6. Cotton balls1 pack
  7. Yarn (white or brown)1 roll
  8. Large print colouring book1
  9. Drawing book (regular 8x10)1
  10. Paint Brush (fat)1
  11. Story Book1
  12. Puzzle (6-8 pieces)1

Upper Playgroup

  1. Crayola Jumbo Crayons1 pack
  2. Crayola Paint1 box
  3. Construction Paper1 pack
  4. Story Book1
  5. Large Print Colouring Book1
  6. Drawing Book1
  7. Exercise Book1
  8. Puzzle1
  9. Scissors1 pair
  10. Paint Brush1
  11. Elastic1 yard
  12. Paper Fasteners1 box
  13. PlayDoh1 box

Book Packages

The required books are available for purchase from the school.

After Care

After-care services are offered for Play and Nursery School students from 11:30am to 5pm. Please contact us for more information.